D Bag Bauletto ..How does it hold up?

  1. I got my D-bag Bauletto in yellow about 3 - 4 months ago and I've been using it every now and then, although not that daily (especially when it rains, I see to it that I won't use it to prevent water stains).

    It still holds up well. I use some organizers inside my bag, to keep my stuff neat in such a roomy interior.

    It's such a functional bag, and a head-turner at that. It's not like the usual logo purses "shouting", but with its superior quality, people in the know, will notice!

    As to its maintenance, when it gets some small spots at certain areas, I try to clean it with damp cloth. It darkens as it gets wet, I'll just let it air dry, and it goes back to its original clean look. I haven't tried using leather conditioner or waterproofing cream in any of my bags.
  2. I've been using my purple D-Styling Bauletto everyday since I got it about a month and a half ago. I also have a very active 3 year old boy who thinks mom's bag is for carrying his stuff. I don't baby my bags but I don't drag them across the ground either. At first I was a little hesitant to really "use" it because of I was worried about the leather and the color (used to black bags) but I've found the more I use it the softer and better the leather gets. It doesn't need any babying. I'm thinking the only time I'm gonna put it away will be when it rains. I think I might need a black one for those days :smile:. Anyway, This is a great bag. The leather is incredible. I'm a big Prada fan but Prada leather doesn't compare to the quality of Tod's leather. I think this bag will out live me.

    One last tip, I did ask the SA about treating the leather and was told that it is pre-treated . He said the only care it needs is a little moisturizer a couple times a year.

    I absolutely LOVE this bag. I think it may even be "the one".
  3. ^^Wow! That is an impressive write up!!

  4. It's such a joy to read your lines, Kyung Hwa. They are so full of enthusiasm. :happydance:

    But regardless the excellent quality of Tod's bags, I hope that you will outlive your bag nonetheless. ;)


  5. D-Bag Bauletto (calf leather) owners, do your bags scratch easily? Are the scratches many and very visible? I bought one (dark brown) 5 months ago and have only used it a few times. The smooth calf leather seems so prone to scratches and scuffs that I'm now thinking of selling my bag :sad:
  6. I have one in (mustard) yellow, bought around 6-7 months ago.
    I think this bag is delicate and you have to be careful with scratches.
    Mine got a few, but not very visible. I haven't tried using a leather conditioner, which I believe will "erase" or minimize these scratches.
    I avoid using this bag during rainy days.
  7. I've now been using mine non-stop for about 4 months. It's been stuffed to the gills (maybe even overstuffed a few times), shoved under the airplane seat during 2 trips and gotten a few light sprinkles of rain. It's basically goes every where with me. Like I said before the leather is amazing. I'm not sure about the lighter colors but the purple is wearing extremely well. There is no signs of color tranfer to or from and any scratches are not noticeable unless closely inspected and even then... My bag has broken in really nicely and the leather has become soft but not too soft. Of course it doesn't look like it did when I first got it... but personally, I think it looks happier when it's had a little (or a lot) of love. I'd put that bag to some serious use if I were you :smile:. I'm actually starting to think about what color I want next since my birthday is coming up in a bit :graucho:. Also trying to decide if I want a piccolo since mine is a medio... Use your bag girl! It's a GREAT bag and it will wear like iron!
  8. The Yellow is really nice! I played safe with a darker color - so I don't have to worry about stains! Yep, rubbing over the scratched areas with a conditioner does help! I'm also using the Apple Garde repellent. :smile:

    Thanks, that's reassuring to hear! :smile: I'm hoping very much that this is one bag that will look good with wear! I love a vintage leather bag! The piccolo is cute! What color would you get? I recently saw a piccolo in Sahara and it was lovely!
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    I clean my bags with NIVEA CREAM. :smile:A specialist in leather told me how. With the nivea cream tin, the more fat, applied by hand in the bag giving it a "massage". Then rub well with a cotton cloth and you will see how the cloth is being black with all the dirt form the bag. And the skin is very full. In the cracks and bumps with the cream you will see that the skin is as dark or wet, but after an hour, about the skin absorbs the cream, return to the natural color of the bag and hide much scratches.
    He said that nurtured the bags like the skin on my legs. With good moisturizer and colorless.
    I am using it in my Loewe bag in black and in my camel Roberto Angi bag, and no problem. I use it too in my Jimmy Choo shoes, etc... Nivea in all my leather goods!


  10. Honestly, I would never have come up with this idea.
    And there are really left no grease stains at all? :confused1:

  11. I use Nivea, too! And it works. Got this tip from a Tod's SA. My bauletto medio is a low maintenance bag (it's in tan colour) and I use it everywhere and almost everyday. Had it for a year and I never had a better bag.
  12. No. I use the classic nivea, blue metallic box. It nourishes the skin: I use a cotton cloth (which is better for me is a piece of old sheet, for example, 100% cotton). I give the cream all over the bag with my hand as if I put cream on my body and then, with another clean and dry sheet (cloth of cotton), rubbing, circular, entire bag until ready any excess of fat (you'll see that the cloth is black with dirt carry bag!). The skin is very soft as result.
    You can try with an old bag if you have no confidence.. but believe me, it works! :smile:

    Pushpayoga :ghi5:
  13. hi everyone, I'm deciding whether to get a d bag manici or bauletto - which would you choose?

    im kind of leaning toward the bauletto, because alright, it's a Tod's icon - and looks less stiff. but i do already have a bag in a similar shape, and i did want a spacious bag that i can stuff.

    looking forward to your comments!
  14. Hello - I just bought a D-bag mancini and will let you know how it compares with my baulettos (I have a piccolo and media) when I receive it!

  15. Hi Kyung Hwa,
    I know you posted this quite a while ago, but I am thinking of getting the Tods D-styling bauletto and was wondering if you're still using yours. Do you still love it? How is it holding up? I want a bag that is casual but elegant and can stand up to really being used on a daily basis. I'd love to get your thoughts. Thanks!