Crochet handle covers, yay or nay

Aug 17, 2008
I actually think the 1st and 3rd ones are cute! The colors on the 2nd are too jarring for me. But the other 2 make it look like a special edition bag.

But I would only use it or any handle cover if you love that look, don't use it just because you want to protect the handles. What are you saving it for? Just use it! It's like putting a bra on a car or vinyl on a sofa.


Dec 27, 2005
In the real world why feel another person has the power to tell you what you should do if you like something? We all have our own style and likes and dislikes. Life is too short to worry about what another person thinks. And yet everyone is so hungry for approval in everything they do.


Jun 21, 2018
Well let me clarify, I'm not looking to protect a brand new bag...I have a little problem buying vintage speedys so I got one with really dark handles kinda frustrating me. Good point about the rest of it aging though that would certainly look weird too.
Mar 4, 2018
I rather like the twilly look when it is well coordinated with the outfit/bag. If the dark handles bother you, I would do twillys. I am not artistic/crafty enough to get them to look good, but I have seen some online that are very well done. I have never seen them used in the wild. I do try to avoid holding my hand held bags by the handles ans prefer to loop them on my forearm, which I think is a more ladylike way of carrying them. This helps minimize oils and dirt but they still darken ith time.
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Cherokee H Princess
Dec 29, 2006
in my jewelry box
I think if it were reimagined in a more tasteful way, it could work! As a novice+ crocheter, I think you would have to have the bag in order to add the handle covers. I wonder how it would look using ribbon or twillies? I know this is a shocking thought, but you could deconstruct a twilly and then crochet it on the handles. Or get a very vintage scarf to cut and then use as fabric to crochet onto the handles? Only brainstorming...
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Jul 16, 2009
Sunny Florida
I don’t like them - they remind me of those crocheted toilet paper holders my great aunt used to have in the bathroom. But if you like them - who cares? I personally don’t like twillies or bandeaux covering handles. Fabric absorbs more sweat and dirt than leather. I’d want to change those things every day. And dry clean them. I can just picture me grabbing my bag in sweaty South Florida and having a wet twillie. Lol


Aug 30, 2016
Love the twilly look, really really don’t like the crochet covers.

Oh and I just leave my handles plain. I prefer the feel of the leather. Even though I love the twilly look, I don’t like the feel.
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