Come take a glass and join the waiting lounge...!

  1. Waiting on a black GGH city to complete my trifecta of black cities!
  2. Oh I Hope I can see pictures , in the next week I become my City Gris Tarmac with Roségold Mini Giants
  3. hi! will try to...hgbags says it will come late next week...i dunno if i can last another week!
  4. Whoo! I'm waiting for an "electrifying" beauty who should be here within the next day or two!
  5. My package just arrive but I am away and won't see it until next Friday. It's fun to have something special waiting for you when you get home.
  6. Waiting for a GCH Sanguine Flat Clutch!
  7. waiting for my pre-order from hgbags as well, a cassis maxi twiggy. the waiting is killllllllllllllling me. :lol:
  8. Congratulations. I'm after one of those just got to sort some funds. Please post pics x
  9. Tempete regular moto and chocolate quilted moto, both in the post so should both get here next week :smile:
  10. Can't wait to see what it is maxxout. Please post an update. :smile:
  11. Waiting for Lagon rose gold part time with great leather from HGBags - cant wait to get it!
  12. I' m waiting for my New City Gris Tarmac with the Mini Roségold Giants
  13. i know right?! haha...i'm hoping it gets here sooner rather than later!
  14. Hi there
    I'm here in Hawaii in a hammoc in my bathing suit swaying back and forth over the ocean with a cool breeze, a drink and my iPad and what I am thinking about is that package waiting for me at home. The lure of these bags is compelling. Hoping it is an untreated good condition 03 olive brown city. It might still be in the eBay sold section. I will know if I did good or I did bad this Thursday. In the meantime I saw 3 spotted eagle rays and 10 big turtles at a cleaning station

    I love the ocean and every wonderful thing in it.

    Isn't there pretty good diving where you are?
  15. Yes but it's freezing! Well, comparatively speaking. I do love swimming and just being by the ocean so feel blessed to now be living right beside it (having grown up a long way from the sea). Even though it's been almost 30 years I sometimes still feel like I'm permanently on holiday just because of all this water around me.

    03 olive brown sounds delicious, I'm looking forward to your reveal. Meantime enjoy the warmth and the ocean and everything in it.