coach or juicy?!

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  1. I vote Coach.
    Its cute, and the shape is more timeless.

  2. I like the shape of the Coach, but I saw the Juicy tote today, and it was really cute. So, I'm going to say Juicy.
  3. I actually have both those styles just in different colors. Although I love them both, the Coach looks more expensive and is better quality than the Juicy Couture IMO. Here's a pic with the two together (Juicy Couture is in the back right):
  4. I have to say go with coach.
  5. As much as I like soft leather, I'm a sucker for the Coach signature bags. That's my opinon...
  6. Juicy!

    I don't generally like Coach.
  7. Coach! I think Juicy bags are overrated and overpriced
  8. Juicy Couture Leather Bakelite Lily Hobo in white

    !!!! You have to get it, it looks really beautiful
  9. coach!