coach or juicy?!

Mar 18, 2006
ok girls!
so tomorrow im gonna go to bloomingdales & get one of these 2 bags
which do you like better & why?
thanx =)

Juicy Couture Leather Bakelite Lily Hobo in white

with this wallet

but i cant find it on a site i could only find it on ebay

so which one?!

the price isnt an issue because im getting it cuz i know someone that works at bloomingdales
so they're gonna come out to the same price.. either coach or juicy bag & wallet
I like the Coach too
I say try them both on and see how they feel on. One can go over your shoulder the other can't.
Also do you have an all white bag already?
P.S. I'm a sucker for matching a purse and a wallet.
In this situation I say go with the Coach. That bag, especially with white trim is ADORABLE!

I am in a Coach/Juicy battle myself, I love Coach, but i see it everywhere which is making me want juicy instead. But I still have yet to get a Juicy bag, the Coach bags just keep calling me :love: I am going to go pick up my new one tomorrow ;)
I LOVE both! Coach is a little dressier than Juicy. Plus, Juicy is more for summer/will get dirty easier/more youthful. Coach looks more serious to me. Plus, I love handheld bags. So, I'd go with Coach. But that's your choice!

Do you want a bag that you'd carry in your hand or on your shoulder? Are you gentle with your bags (once the white gets dirty, it won't look cute anymore!)? Do you like using hobo bags? I found that I don't like hobos even though I just purchased I like structured bags with tons of pockets and a shape that stays!

Good luck! Let us know what you got!

P.S. In my opinion, Coach bags are of MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better quality than Juicy.