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  1. I'm jumping off the bridge because my husband says I can't buy right now!!!!....I really want the large white hobo....hmmmmm....if it is meant to will be there when I ca spend again!!!!
  2. The embossed is really, really, really nice......
  3. Thanks! I cant wait to see them all!
  4. Really nice T, I think you will like them. Matching wallets, wristlets, 3 scarves (square, pony & shawl), ipad/nook covers, id thingys etc.....
  5. Thanks for the info!! I know I'm just looking at pictures but I have to say I'm impressed!! I think when done poorly croc can look very.... not good! Someone posted some pics in the albertville outlet thread and I will probably have to make an outlet trip to see them in person!
  6. I don't ever get invitations, so is there a FOS tommorow? I can't ever see previews either! No countdown clock. I have a generic page! LMAO, I have the MFF FOS page, not the FP page.:lolots:
  7. :giggles:
  8. 48 hour sale starts tomorrow. Ends on the 24th at noon.
  9. Oh wow, thank you! Those are pretty and the leather looks sooooo nice! Thank you so much for posting this! I have to try NOT to buy. I had a Rory and a Willis delivered this week! Oh this will be hard hard hard. The leather looks wonderful.

    Sorta reminds of the Courtney too.....
  10. Your welcome :smile:
  11. I saw a pink and beige color block BS on eBay and omg, i love it! It's going to be hard to say no unless they are over priced.
  12. Sounds good to me! Do u remember how much the little crossbody was? Did it have gold hw? Thanks!
  13. The buttercup has gold hardware, and the fawn croc (I think)
  14. Disappointed :sad: only one bs and it's $225. I love the blue white color scheme on the hobo but I really don't care for the hobo.
  15. The 50% does not seem to be coming out at checkout :sad:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.