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  1. If you look under the FAQ, it says you're able to return new & unused merchandise purchased through the sale at a Coach Factory Store. If the site wasn't legit you wouldn't be able to do that. Also, if you choose to return the item by mail the address listed is:

    C O A C H
    Attn: Returns
    One Coach Way
    Jacksonville, Florida 32218

    That is the Coach distribution center & is the same returns address listed on the Coach official website under returns. Hope this helps!
  2. I had also been told by a Coach factory store employee a while back that they don't have a website. It's pretty easy to fake a website and criminals don't exactly care about infringement laws. I'm just too hesitant to try it.
  3. I personally called the number and confirmed that they are legit. I have some friends who got some nice bags from previous online events
  4. i just ordered a bag....checked the transaction in my account and the merchant is COACH in FL.
    it's legit.
  5. I don't buy coach and I'm not sure of the prices, but I am shopping for 8 bridesmaids. Is $23 the cheapest I'm going to find a mini skinny?
  6. I ended up getting 9 cosmetic bags...$23, reg 68 each
  7. Thanks! Some great deals.
  8. The link works for me & the deals are great... but they don't ship to Canada =(
  9. wow..that is a great great deal! but they dont ship to australia.. and coach here is exteremely expensive.. @@

  10. Sadly, many Coach outlet employees don't know a ton about the company they work for. Not saying it to be nasty, it is just true. The last time I was in a Coach outlet, the employee I was talking too knew all about the factory website & said you had to be invited and the website had things sometimes that the actual factory store does not have. It is legit. :smile:
  11. Does anyone know the shipping cost?
  12. It was $8.50 for shipping on mine. I just ordered 1 purse though so I don't know if it would be more the more you buy or if it's a flat rate.
  13. The site is legit.

    No offense to anyone but some of the store employees don't know Jack. One of them told me that they have no agreement with AMEX...uh...why did you just accept my AMEX then, rocket scientist?:p
  14. Thanks Christycoach. I think the shipping is flat, checking out now, so happy.

    $8.50 Standard Shipping (4-5 Business Days)
    $16.00 Express Shipping (2-3 Business Days)
  15. Thanks OP.

    I got 2 bags, 3 wallets. And I spent a lot, no good.
    I can't wait to receive my Ashley Satchel in black leather. hehe ...
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