City vs Work

  1. we are swapping i think HAHAHA..i've collected cities, fallen for works, and now am falling back in love with the city =) we should have a bag borrowing system LOL! :nuts:
  2. Here you go. I carry my usual stuff in the part time in these pics (large wallet, MU, CP, cell phone, keys, sunnies etc), not stuffed but not empty either. The camel pt is new and still a bit stiff, the vert thyme and black are soft and slouchy already.



  3. I have a question about the mirror of the city and the work :shame:.
    Are they the same or is there any difference?

    Thank you!
  4. Hi girls.. I have just received my work bag today, and i found my Work GGH bag is lighter than my City GGH. They are both from 2007.
    I do admit that my work leather is thinner compare to my city.. but is it only the matter of the leather thickness?
    thanks :smile:
  5. ^^I've never felt a work that was lighter than a city bag (if they both have the same HW) so that's odd.
  6. I definitely think the giant city is heavier than the giant work due to the extra hardware (strap and hardware) and bunny ears (extended zippers). My giant cities feel very substantial in comparison to my giant work despite the difference in size.
  7. my work GSH is lighter than my City GSH...
    now i understand why they took the feet off PTs... (which is a sad thing, love those feet)
  8. Hm.. I see..
    i guess the strap gives extra weight to the City..
    anyway, i looovvvee work.. it fits me the best.
    I'm a big bag girl so i don't see work is that big :biggrin:
    And bag organizer really do it's job to help me organize things that i carried. So i don't have any trouble getting my keys out of my bag :p

    here's the pic..

  9. I too am having a horrible time deciding on my first b bag. I have been looking at the city, maxi twiggy, parttime, and work styles. I like the RH the best. The maxi twiggy and the work seem to be the easiest to get in and out of because of the single zipper pull. I have two small children and I am actually carrying the LV speedy30 right now. I would like my new b bag to be a little larger than that and the have the versatility of being worn on the shoulder. I also love the slouchy look that the city takes on after wearing it for awhile. I have been back an forth with this decision for the past month, and I would love some advice from someone who owns these styles. Thanks!
  10. *sigh* I've a Work and a Velo.. but now I'm longing to get a black City since I don't have a black bag now.. I just dunno if a City is too similar in size with the Velo (and my Velo is light color). I just like how the City can be worn on the shoulder with the shorter strap. I don't really wear my Velo cross-body style unless I travel. It's difficult to wear the Work on the shoulder too since both handles don't seem to stay on and it seems bit too big for everyday use when I don't have appointments
    don't get me wrong, I love both bags very much... just.. it's never enough with Bal, you know
  11. i like city. I think it more classic though the styles are really similar
  12. I think they are about the same size as far as the handles are concerned but I prefer the work because it is bigger. To me the work and part time aren't that different and the part time comes with the detachable leather strap and is way bigger than the city :graucho:
  13. I have to agree, I am a huge fan of big bags too :p I got rid of my city just one month after buying it because it was too small for my taste. I'm totally in love with my part time....sooooo big :biggrin:
  14. Just chiming in..
    cityvswork flat.JPG city vs work.JPG
  15. Just adding some more comparison to the thread - a video showing the differences between the Balenciaga city and work bags. I think it is easier than photos.