Chloé Sonnie Low Sneakers

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  1. I got my shoes true to size in 35, I think one number up does not solve that problem. The heel is just too high and even hurt me already while trying it at home and walking around at home...

    The inlay reduced the height to the heel of the shoe lifting my foot up - but only in the back, so in the front my toes are fine. Not to tight, even if I choose the size true to fit.

    Hope that helps, also wrote you a PM. :smile:
  2. I had the same problem with my yeezy inertia (and with the low chloe when I tried them on).
    I put in a cork inlay (about 1cm!).
    They are comfy now and there is no Problem with the "static".

    I love the Sonnies! I have the high-top in white...just in case I have to join a moonlanding:smile:
  3. I have been searching for reviews of the Sonnie sneakers before buying and this is all I found (partially contradictory):

    - true to size/more on the smaller side
    - very narrow
    - not for feet with a high arch
    - Half size: size up
    - Half size: size down
    - heel too high

    The length of my feet is 25.2 cm. According to the measurement I am a EU40 but most of my shoes are a 39.5 or 39 (UK6).

    I have normal feet, neither very narrow not wide.

    My arch is pretty high. I have issues with nearly all boots which do not have a zipper (e.g. I am not able to get my feet into the Classic Mini UGGs because of the instep/arch).

    I ordered the low Sonnie sneakers in white leather in size 40 and here is my experience:

    The length of the insole is nearly perfect for me. Although it looks like it is slightly too short (it is only 2-3 mm longer than my foot) the sneaker itself feels very roomy.

    I had NO issues regarding the width and I am not sure why most reviewers found the sneakers to be narrow. Honestly I would say they are pretty wide and I had to tighten the strap a lot just to avoid slipping around in it.

    Also I have no problems with the instep although one reviewer said she wasn’t able to close the clasp because of her high arch.

    I have to open the clasp to get into the shoes and I am not able to „slip in“ but after closing there is more than 3 cm of the strap left.

    The heel height does not seem to be a problem for me. There is no rubbing and the fit perfectly.

    Maybe my experience will help others to decide on the style or the size.

  4. I have a pair, if I wear socks with them I have no blisters!