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Sep 10, 2013
Was in Paris last week and picked up a few items from the main store.

Boston 45 2750€ - Same as the old Croisière 45 without the leather bands on each end.
Bandouliere 480€ - Bought the leather strap to go with the Boston 45.
Varenne 1275€ - These were completely sold out in 2022. Plenty of stock on this trip.
Saint Louis PM 1350€ - The Necessaire was not included and is 150€ less.
Matigny 460€ - Picked this up in sky blue and love that it can hold coins, cards, and some cash.

Lines are still very long in Paris. Be prepared to wait unless you're willing to queue before the store opens. However, there seems to be much better inventory now with many colors and items available to purchase - even the new limited edition Goyardine.


Feb 22, 2023
Hello everyone. Just bought a St Louis MM in Paris and, as of may 2023, it's retailing for 1250.

I tried in the store the "Portefeuille pochette varenne" in the yellow color, and I didn't purchase it and I'm obviously regretting it. Does anyone know the US or EU price Screen Shot 2023-05-20 at 5.27.18 PM.png of this item?
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Feb 14, 2010
May 23 2023 NYC, US price:

Line of ~10 people at Goyard NYC at 2pm
No line at Bergdorf Goodman NYC (a few blocks away)

Purchased Saint Louis PM black bag at Bergdorf Goodman for $1620+tax (no insert organizer included). Chill atmosphere without pressure too!

SA said she didn't have any SL colors at this time, just the classic black or tan.

Hope this is helpful - go to Bergdorf to skip the line!