CHAT about current prices in US/UK/France...

  1. hi there,

    saigon large is going for 2190 euros for classic, 2845 euros for limited edtn..

    small is going for 1790 euros for classic colours, 2325 euros for limited edtn colours.

  2. what about Goyard wallets? do you have a price list?
  3. Ambassade briefcase is 1250 euros for red and black, 30 % more for other colors.

    ST Louis is 610 euros for all colours.

    All prices Paris 2009
  4. here are some more prices
    Senat PM: $430
    Sainte-Marie PM: $560
  5. Will update the table tonight! ;D
  6. anyone know the price for the zippe wallet?
  7. r15324 (Aaron) You are awesome! Thanks for the table of prices!
  8. A couple of quick questions: is this for a GM or a PM? Does this include tax or exclude tax? Thanks! :smile:
  9. Are you sure that is the correct price for the zippe wallet $300 in the chart?
  10. Oops just saw someone else said that!
  11. My mom just came back from Paris a few days ago and she told me the St. Louis PM was around EU580 and the St. Louis GM was around EU680... I believe this is including tax.
  12. Btw, does anyone know prices of St. Louis PM and Fidji in SF Goyard? ...including tax please. Thanks!
  13. Can someone please post the current price of Fidji in France? Thanks!
  14. Fidji in France costs around USD1200 as of April 2010.

    Can someone tell me the price of a Pink St. Louis PM in Barneys?
  15. Hi does anyone know whether the Pink St Louis bag is available in London? Will it cost GBP640 as well?

    Thanks in advance!