Chanel Price Increase

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  1. Wow 6500 for a medium classic ?! Omggg

    my sa has a black caviar medium w silver hw and a black jumbo caviar w gold hw if anyone wants her info let me know.
  2. I knew it was coming but gaahhhhhh
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  3. #7638 May 18, 2020
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    Thx for posting this! I believe the reissue flap will have the same price as classic. Not a big increase for the mini but glad I made a panic buy already. With sales tax, it will be a big different for me *sigh :wtf: Also glad I'm more into smaller bags now lol
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  4. Thanks for sharing.
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  5. Where are you getting your prices from? I’m in the UK and nothing confirmed on website or app
  6. I just received this email from a personal shopper for Neimanmarcus. Screenshot_20200519-203739_AOL.jpg
  7. Anyone remember me saying about three years ago that the goal for Chanel was to get the "classic maxi flap"
    up to $10,000.00? I got laughed at for making that statemtent by some.

    Not so funny now right? Getting closer. Oh my.......:shocked:

    And I would again add your not buying at the top if you plan on making a purchase anytime
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  8. I did some handbag math. So even at the new US prices, when considering Florida sales tax and also considering the euro Vat refund, a medium classic flap would still be $200 cheaper to purchase in Europe at the new euro prices. Of course that means you have to go to Europe and then there is the tricky (and necessary) situation of declaring in the US. But yes it looks like Chanel has gotten a lot closer to harmonization.
  9. Seems like US price is lower than Europe now
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  10. 1AA1A837-A3E6-4DDF-8A98-F012129F030B.jpeg
  11. I have sticker shock of the Jumbo being over $7000 USD. Anyone else?
  12. Definitely.
    When it was 5700 in Europe I hoped that they‘d only increase it to 6000.

    Instead they went all out. Looking forward to 7000€ in November.
  13. Has anyone confirmed if these are the new prices?
  14. is the reissue getting a price increase?
  15. Yes