Chanel Cruise 2020 (20C)

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  1. ED00BC5A-7951-4C2B-9EFB-008ECF82FF94.png 73C51163-22B9-4A1E-840E-8877EDF4FD08.png 06F2285C-DFFF-4105-9070-1938A084469A.png 7DF0F1D1-24C3-40FD-9A81-6EEE1DBE4C9C.png
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  2. B664C002-E0E0-4779-BA84-7AB035170878.png 299B4130-C230-413E-8CD6-30264A7D2588.png 215C2AE0-1D9B-4C9A-A489-1C48F1755F9E.png D76CC056-7940-4503-9678-CAE4196B23E7.png
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  3. 019D4D4A-D9B3-4DC3-9B2B-B4852275377F.png 7599AA19-FA90-4DEB-95C8-B8B950515A32.png F5DCD11B-E5B0-4B9B-9113-0DE24D6FC85F.png
  4. Hi ladies,

    Does anybody have any intel on the pricing of these pants/leggings and the long red cardigan? On my wish list but no clue as to price points...Any help would be really appreciated

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  5. Screenshot_20191015-110931_Instagram.jpg
    I'm loving that pastel blue colour on the Chanel 19 bag. I'm kinda feeling the "piping" on the quilting.
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  6. Does anyone know yet how much is the seasonal mini? The one with the globe thing on the chain.
  7. I’m eyeing the blue Chanel 19! I’m glad I decided not to get it for this collection because that shade of baby blue is perfect!!!
  8. I can’t tell if this is leather or fabric? I think it’s fabric...??
  9. Does anybody know if they'll be releasing any black coco handles this season? :smile:
  10. Would love to know what colors the coco handle will come in
  11. Hello - I'm not able to PM you directly for some reason but would love the contact info for your SA! :smile: Can you PM me please?
  12. Just did ;)
  13. Screenshot_20191016-095722_Instagram.jpg

    Another look at this mini bag. It's so so cute! And I love the colour! But I don't do bags that dont fit my phone...
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