Chanel Cruise 2020 (20C)

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  1. Me neither. I don't get why everyone keeps saying to wait for cruise and spring summer?? Unless they come out with amazing classic pastel pieces for spring summer
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  2. Are these square minis? I’m confused.
  3. They look like a special new version of a mini? The size seems a bit bigger and the shape looks a bit different than a square mini. Plus they have the round cc thing on the chain. Must be a seasonal thing since they were on the runway.
  4. Seasonal "mini" flaps. Leather tab on the candy colored ones and the cc ball is an adjustable chain on the other style
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  5. Not my pic, courtesy of IG. Cruise patent colors.

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  6. Not 100% and need to see in person, but I put myself on the reserve list for grey medium CF and the violet mini. :graucho:
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  7. Other sneak peak from my friend:
    These are ugly to be honest :sick:

    638C9E9E-B4CF-437A-97AA-45254B6DBB4E.jpeg 5247C368-E205-4C05-A46D-413CC01A53C5.jpeg D7A41892-A7DA-4AEA-9DB9-4A0A8CFADEE1.jpeg EFC9D542-FE57-4937-95D5-162126BCA7C1.jpeg 0D0FEA09-7596-4848-998E-5BF9E58AF29D.jpeg 3B1A8A7E-6025-4181-93A8-8F474DD83CC2.jpeg 2744DFB3-7982-4296-BC4B-D2CEB300F4F2.jpeg B87D3B6A-AA85-4F38-B9BE-C9195908ADA8.jpeg
    487C3D56-261B-4BFE-BC7D-B35359FA5590.jpeg 5981DC49-8BE6-45DC-89E0-784240B8658C.jpeg D504A181-5B65-4438-AAC4-F009189724F4.jpeg
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  8. i agree! they look floppy and as much as I love them , I think they wont age well at all.
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  10. Thanks for sharing. These are all ugly as! I will happily ignore this season and enjoy my current ones...
  11. YIKES.
  12. Are we sure these are real? These are too revolting to be Chanel- or any “brand”.
  13. I was going to ask the same thing:sick::yucky::eek: