Celebs before & after plastic surgery...

  1. by Hollyweird standards she is a big girl, but by us regular old chicks she's :tup:. She looks good with curves. I get tired of seeing azzless and boobless chicks like Paris, Misha and the rest.
  2. You can tell she had her nose done too.
  3. Ooooohhhh my gawd...so would I! I feel like a weirdo, but for some reason, even at his age, I think he is so hot.
  4. Kim Vo is Vietnamese?! I had no idea. He's cute but the lips are scary.
  5. i can def see quite a bit that kim vo has an almond eyes, he actually resemble an asian dude w/ this pic (minus all the surgeries)
  6. i must say, eva l. really looks beautiful w/ her before pic
  7. she looks like jack nicholsons version of the joker
  8. Yes we are. Everyone has stated theirs. I'm done talking about what she may or may not of had done because no one here knows 100%. Lets MOVE ON..
  9. Butt, nose and lips....

    And I don't think none of it is subtle. She doesn't look bad, but lets call a spade a spade.:okay:
  10. ^^ITA :yes:
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    kim definately had both her breast and butt done. i'm not sure if she had a butt implant or just injections but it's not all hers. i am telling you i have a large butt, but i also have large thighs to support my butt. kim does not have large enough thighs to support such weight. also the before and after shots very telling. she definately had her breast done as well. you can tell by her teenage photo she had sagging of the breast tissue. as you get older that problem only gets worse, your breasts will not lift as kim's has. i also remember on the reality show the episode with the naked pictures her and her sister took as teens. the older sisters boyfriend said "why are you mad? is it because the pics were taken before you got your boob job?". kim's older sister looked at him and he just chuckled. kim's older sis has realistic looking breasts as well. i just think they went to a really good surgean
  12. Mariah is my girl, but while she is getting a nose and constantly upgrading her breast size she can certainly use a little injection in the tush area! Her butt is flat as her back! LOL:okay:
  13. [​IMG]

    Heres Bey...

  14. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Jennifer Grey. Her nose job killed her career.

  15. ^^^^and the sad thing is she is pretty, but the nose job took away from her "uniqueness".