Celebs before & after plastic surgery...

  1. What exactly did Monica have done?

  2. Megan Good...fake boobs and who knows what else.

    Ah, she gets on my nerves...I think she will be posing naked in some magazine soon or have a porn tape released.

  3. I don't know, but you can tell it's something...looks almost like eye life (they are more open) and maybe some stuff with the nose.
  4. i dont think monica belluci has had work ... she was a model when she was younger and always so gorgeous. but then again, who knows?!
  5. I just feel sorry for Jocelyn Wildenstein. I read an interview with her and she said candidly that she did what she did because her husband was threatening to leave her and she thought that if she looked more like his favorite animal, he would love her. It's a sad reason and a sad outcome, and I know that in that state of hearbreak and panic she didn't make the best decision for herself.

  6. Monica already admitted in many interviews, she done some small repair facial work. Probably botox, at least that's what the italian press says.
  7. Angelina Jolie- Her road to superstar looks!


    "..Angelina Jolie has had an eyebrow lift, nose job, chin implants and breats implants..."
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    Meaghan Goode's boobs are not fake.

    and I dont see any surgeries in Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey, Kimora Lee Simmons or even Tyra.

    Our bodies are constantly changing. My nose was much bigger when i was a young teen than it is now. I think jealous folks[not on here] are just looking to pick nack at celebrities.
  9. I can't really see anything Katie Holmes has had done... that picture was when she was really young and your face changes a bit when you're older.
  10. Are you kidding me????

    Tyra AND Kimora have had nose jobs at a MINIMUM, obviously. I posted the pic of Nick, but don't think he's had anything, but Mariah has had her Boobs and Nose at a minimum. and Megan's tits are sooo different, yup she had them done, but to each his own what they want to believe.

    nd in case you forgot:


    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica][SIZE=+1]Kimora Lee Simmons at age 14[/SIZE][/FONT]

    Kimora in 1989


    Kimora 2007

  11. Kimora had plastic surgery big time! I didnt recognize her on old pictures :nogood:
  12. Are you serious? I'm sorry but thats just too funny. I think it's ok if you wanna have plastic surgery but c'mon. You don't see any surgeries? All of them have surgeries. Even Angelina or Jennifer or George Clooney or ...... however they call.

    I just hate it when they don't admit it. I mean you can see the difference and where is the problem to have plastic surgery. It is totally normal these days.

    How many of the members in this forum have had a surgery?

    I mean, we are so mean to people calling them Pinocchio when they have a big nose or Britney when she weighs to much or whatever. And then we are wondering why they have surgeries.

    Why not? When they feel more comfortable then they have to do it.