Celebrity Wedding Rings

  1. Two great pics of Eva Longoria's ring - my absolute favourite
    Eva Longoria.JPG Eva Longoria 2.JPG
  2. Thanks Karo!!!
  3. [​IMG]

    Victoria Beckham
  4. [​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Vb
    Victoria Beckham.JPG
  7. This is one HELLAVA rock :wtf: :nuts: ........who is she engaged to anyway or is this the ring from her ex?

  8. Here are a few more of Victoria Beckham's ring...
    parisarrive_011.jpg parisarrive_041.jpg
  9. Jamie-Lynn Sigler (aka Jamie-Lynn Discala when she was married from 2003-2005) wedding set - an emerald cut engagement ring set in platinum.
  10. Paris Hilton's GINORMOUS ring - rumoured to be fake!! From her engagement to Paris Latsis.
    scoop_paris_vmed_10a.widec.jpg pretty_paris.jpg paris_choosesring2.jpg
  11. Sienna Miller's engagement ring to Jude Law in 2005
    sMillerP1_LRG.jpg 1293395.jpg
  12. thanks linzerella for the photos of reese's asscher. i've been looking for that everywhere!!!!!!
  13. Great photo of Angie harmons enagement ring and band


    Does anyone know the carat weight?
  14. :yahoo: Mary J. Blige engagment ring:yahoo:

  15. Mia Farrow Pear

    My Fav