Celebrity Wedding Rings

  1. Is it just me .... ? Some of these rings have diamonds so big that they look way too tacky. I don't mind a huge diamond on a necklace but for some reasons diamonds that look too big on a finger just feel tacky to me.

    I like Eva Longoria's ring the best, so elegant and 'just right'. And I am not a fan of Tom Cruise's but I have to say he did a great job picking Katie's ring. Oh, does anybody like Brad Pitt's ring to Jennifer Aniston? I am sorry, I know he is an architecture fan and he should have some good design sense but I am not digging his design there ... reminds me of a snail or something. LOL.
  2. Their rings are so pretty and cost a fortune as well!!:graucho:
    I saw some more celeb rings-too many pics to post- so here's the address:their engagement rings!!!!There is one that I liked a lot-JLo's engagement ring given by Ben Affleck. I love the design.(its the first ring)
  3. I'm with you TravelBug....some of the diamonds are waaayy too blinging for me. I want a set that doesn't catch on everything - ie hair, clothes, etc - and you have to wonder if these large rocks catch on everything....

    I also am not a fan of Jennifer Aniston's ring - I'm much more a fan of classic rings. I also wonder why you never really saw her wear the ring in public - mainly only ever saw her wear the matching Damiani wedding band Brad Pitt designed.....
  4. I love Avril's ring.
    Big, simple and Fab.
  5. Ms. Lopez clearly has a thing for coloured (read: EXPENSIVE) diamonds - with her blue diamond from Marc Anthony and pink diamond from Ben Affleck...here are photos of that ring attached!
    105-jlo with engagement ring.jpg 107-jloring2.jpg
  6. Found wonderful pics of Reese Witherspoon's wedding set...Asscher cut diamond from Neil Lane.

    Going through these photos...it really is sad that she and Ryan Philippe have split! I always thought they were a wonderful couple.
    003.jpg 012.jpg 040.jpg 141.jpg 105.jpg
  7. More Reese Witherspoon engagement ring photos...
    rw+ring.jpg rw+ring2.jpg rw+ring4.jpg
  8. i love Jennifer Lopez's, Avril Lavigne's and Danica Patrick's rings the best :love:
  9. Looks like her and Jessica Simpson have the same ring, or very close ..

  10. Angie and jessica's >very close
  11. Once more Kate Hudson's amazing ring
    kate hudson.JPG
  12. Jennifer Garner
    Jennifer Garner.JPG Jennifer Garner2.JPG
  13. Oh Karo....how did you find Jennifer Garner's?? I thought she only wore an eternity band and not an e-ring.

    Her's is one of my favourite set....beautiful!
  14. ^^^^^ Well she wears a lot of her beautiful eternity ring, and here is a pic of it. Especially for you linzerella83 some more pictures of her engagement ring
    Jen Garner.JPG Jennife Garner2.JPG Jennifer Garner.JPG
  15. Nicole Kidman's set
    Nicole Kidman.JPG