Celebrity Wedding Rings

  1. Alec Baldwin & Hilaria Thomas show their rings off yesterday after wedding in NYC.

    Credit: Daily News

  2. His wedding band looks too skinny
  3. Yes, i agree with you. Alec has large fingers, I think he wanted something simple but I do think he should have went with a wedding band that is a little more wider with more metal on his finger.
  4. Hilaria's ring is gorgeous!
  5. Kim Zolciak- Biermann



    credit: bravotv
  6. Lala Anthony's engagement ring and upgrade

    credit: munaluchibridal

    credit: talkingwithtami

    credit: taletela
  7. I'm thinking her finger is too short for the width of those rings!
  8. WOW Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!!!
  9. Her original is so much better, the new one is beautiful but way OTT!
  10. I think some rings are so big that the class/style factor is lost. Just my opinion of course;)
  11. Close up of Lala's upgrade


    credit: necoleb****ie
  12. [​IMG]


    Former New England Patriots Wide Receiver Chad Johnson and Serial Jersey Chaser Evelyn Lozada.
  13. lol serial jersey chaser.
  14. This would be so much prettier if it were smaller. To me, it looks fake and gaudy. The nails don't do much for it, either.
  15. I couldn't agree more. I love the delicate ones way more--bigger isn't always better imo.