Celebrities and COACH.

  1. Thanks!
    Darnnn i have been missing a lot lately..
    Gonna visit the clubhouse Willis thread!
  2. omg i love Jessica alba handbags
  3. That's me in Milan with my Willis. Don't I look fab? LOL! :p

  4. so cute how you matched your polish to the legacy stripe. ;)
  5. I was watching an older episode of Parks And Recreation last night and noticed Leslie was carrying a brass/black Sophia. Tammy was also carrying the same bag two episodes before that.
  6. Chloe Moretz with the Coach field bag I think it's called.
  7. Nicole Scherzinger at LAX on June 17th with a parchment woven Caroline.
  8. Couldn't help but notice the bag January Jones is carrying!
    jj copy.jpg
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    For all of the K-pop fans out there (there must be some of us here:biggrin:), here's Seohyun from Girls' Generation (SNSD/TTS) with a mushroom (?) woven Kristin Round Satchel (Baby Sage)!

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    John Legends girlfriend.

    Can someone ID the clutch please...
  11. It's the Legacy Leather Large Clutch in cognac. This clutch and other Legacy items are due to be launched in July. You might be able to call Coach directly to order it. Style number is 48021.
  12. Thank you so much!
  13. Dianna Agron also with the Legacy Large Leather Clutch