Celebrities and COACH.

  1. Theres not much, but I thought I would start a thread anyway.

    Katie Holmes used to be on the front page of the COACH website back in 2000!

  2. Few more.
    sean.jpg c2.JPG c1.JPG
  3. [​IMG]

  4. Chili from TLC. You cant really tell here but shes rockin' the [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif][SIZE=-1]LEGACY MEDIUM STUDIO FLAP $228[/SIZE][/FONT] (also released on 2000).

  5. Teri Hatcher

  6. omg, I love this thread! I totally never knew that Katie Holmes was a Coach model
  7. i like the bag on terri hatcher.
  8. Oh, I love this thread, too! Post more pics, post more pics!
  9. I found this through Google, but I dont recognize it at all. The caption under it on this website says its COACH (?).

    Anyways! Presenting Mischa Barton!

  10. hm..don't recognize that bag either...but I do know I've seen a lot of coach stuff on the OC. And desperate housewives too!
  11. Another I dont recognize, but showed up in the movie Hitch. Eva Mendez is known to rock COACH though!

  12. Great thread! I'm dying for more pics....
  13. the one on eva mendez might be a prada or coach.. anyone who can confirm? :smile:

    i've also seen eva langoria with a coach tote but i cant find the pic!
  14. Oh crap! I think it is a Prada! I see a black thing on top, center! Looks like the Prada logo :shocked: Everyone, ignore that picture LOL :shame:
  15. OOOH! Fun. Love the pics! I saw that one Mischa is using at an outlet a while ago.