Cartier Roadster: Pink or White???

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  1. White! I have the white faced roadster and i love it
  2. I have the Pasha in white, and a small tank in pink... IMO, I think that white stands out more when wore and it's more a classic piece. So if this is your first Cartier watch, I would go for the white. Hope this helps!
  3. My favorite look is pink face with the metal bracelet rather than leather band. That's probably what I'd choose for myself, but I can see your point about the white being more versatile and classic. Idk though, the pink just pops!
  4. i want pink lately - so, i vote for pink face@!
  5. I've been thinking alot about the Roadster, and I think the white is best.
  6. White.....a more versatile color IMO
  7. Definitely white. It's classic and more versatile. I don't particularly like pink faced watches.
  8. No offense to those who have/want the pink face but I personally love my white medium size. it's a perfect oversized watch for ladies.
  9. i have the pink and got as a pressie from DH a yr ago and i LOVE IT! i wish i also had the white as i have a rolex with a salmon face so they just seem a bit too simialr to me you know what i mean.. so if you will get another watch with a white face then def get pink its tunnnnnning and not as common
  10. I am a pink person but I think I would choose White because it's more classic and can be worn with the leather straps as well.
  11. I have the pink and I love it 'cos I love pink! It depends on your style, choose one that will go with your wardrobe, make you smile everytime you look at it and above all, make your heart sing :smile:

  12. Wow, we are truly watch buddies! I have the roadster with the pink face, and a midsized Rolex with a salmon face (oyster bracelet, roman numerals) as well!

    I have very fair cool toned skin with pinkish undertones and so the pink really looks like a neutral on my wrist. I absolutely love it. My wardrobe is almost entirely neutrals (blah, I know) and so this watch absolutely pops!
  13. I'd go with white.
  14. I had the same thread up awhile back. I was really attracted to the pink, but everyone picked the white.
  15. white gets my vote. ( i have it and love it!) goes with more and classic.