Cartier Roadster: Pink or White???

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I'm getting the Cartier Roadster! WOOHOO! But now, I can't choose between the pink face or the white one. They both look so nice!! The pink one is more girly and more fun, I think. The white one is more classic and timeless. Plus, I change out the straps for the leather ones...I've seen the red leather, navy, and black. I am thinking the white face will look very nice against these leather straps, but I'm not so sure if the pink face will. I think if I was to get the pink one, I'm not going to use the leather straps at all. What do you all think? Anyone who has the pink one? I put on the pink one...I fall in love! I put on the white one, I fall in love! What's a girl to do! Pink or White???
  2. I think both are nice but in my opinion white is the way to go. Like you said, it is a more classic and timeless colour and it will be more dynamic, i.e. if you want to switch up your band with the leather ones (the pink and red leather might not look so hot). Congrats on the upcoming purchase. I absolutely adore this watch and would love to see photos once you get it!
  3. I love white and think it will go with more.
  4. I think it depends on your skintone. The pink face looks fantastic on some skintones, like "bronzer" in the makeup world... The pink "warms up your skin" if that makes any sense. I think, provided it enhances your skintone, it's 100% as neutral as the white face.
  5. I have pink and while I love it, I regret not getting the white.
  6. I got the white one; definitely goes with more of the extra bands that you can order.
  7. For spending that much money, I'd get the white. The nice thing about the roadster is you can always change up your straps!
  8. White for sure. I think down the track I'd regret getting the Pink if it were me.

    Congrats. Wear in good health!
  9. I do like the pink but the white is definitely more practical and you aren't going to get sick of it as you may eventually with the pink...
  10. White definitely!
  11. I love the pink but thats just me! Both are gorgeous so you really cant go wrong! GL!
  12. I have the pink one and love it to death. I get lots of compliments on it. But, if it were me, I would only get the pink one with a stainless strap. It can look utterly classic if you keep it with the stainless strap. I just love the pop of color, it's just enough!

    I have attached a picture that I put in the reference has my ballon bleu too.

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    Last edited: Jul 7, 2009
    I like the pink - if I had it, I wouldn't worry about if it goes with this or that clothing or color jewelry, etc., I'd wear it all the time, but that's just me. White face watches are everywhere - no offense meant, I certainly have a few:P
  14. Lovely watches, ssc! ITA about stainless strap. IMO on the Roadster a different band would affect the nice clean lines, it would "break it up" hard to explain, it's just my artistic (or lack thereof:P) sensibility
  15. Definitely the white !