Cartier price increase thread *please include your location*


Jan 28, 2019
Last week I checked it was 6700 now it’s 7400. Going to Milan for my next Cartier purchases :P. Cost me 16 francs to take the train to Milan from Lugano haha
Just saw the price increase this morning in Switzerland, clash bracelet increase by 10.5% in Switzerland!

To build up, before the price increase, I always compare the price of Cartier in france VS Switzerland, before the price in france is higher than in Switzerland.

Today I checked on Italian, French, and swiss website, now is almost the same (this exclude the VAT refund). Honestly I would just go to Italy / france to buy Cartier, with the 15% VAT refund in Italy, it’s not worth it anymore to buy it in Switzerland.
Correction! I really thought it was cheaper yesterday, turns out they haven’t change their pricing in france & Italy until this morning. Italy crash de Cartier small model is at 8.450 euro, while in Switzerland it’s 7400 francs :’( there’s no loophole we just have to accept this 10% increase.