Cartier LOVE *Bracelet* Discussion Thread!


Dec 17, 2006
I was able to slide mine on and off, so it worked for me. I never kept it on more than a few hours hours. This worked well for me for years I have smaller hands so it would slip off.
I gained some weight and can't do this anymore and now I have to give up full size love. I just bought a slim small love with diamonds to take on and off easily. Maybe that will work for you?

Yes in time the screws will get stripped. If you can't commit to wearing it fill time, I would return and do the VCA. Or get the thin.


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Jun 21, 2021
Yes, because the screws are also made of 18k gold, they are relatively soft and the constant friction of screwing and unscrewing will wear down the metal.
They won't break as in like snap in half, but if you take it on and off often, it will eventually wear down the threading on the screws or the screws holes and you may find it unscrewing itself more often (potentially to the point where it falls off)

Taking it off and putting it on once a week, you're looking at doing that about 52 times a year.
52 x 5 years = 260 times in 5 years. That's quite a lot.

Have you thought of the love cuff? Many people love that it is easy to take on and off.


Jun 17, 2019
Yeah, this SA was either unintentionally wrong or she just straight lied to you. It's not just about taking it on and off yourself, which I have no problem with. But the threads will definitely strip and wear. Taking the Love bracelet on and off regularly is not recommended.

You'll either risk the bracelet falling off or have to get it serviced quite regularly (to check the screws and replace if/when needed).
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Nov 7, 2022
Hi everyone,
As you probably saw my post earlier - I have recently bought Regular Love bracelet and it doesnt fit me - it’s uncomfortable so I am not going to wear it 24/7 (for sure) . I also can’t return it as Cartier found 2 microdents on it…
Wondering if there is anyone here who wears it occasionally? Or at the weekends only? Or once a month? During Summer holidays? I guess I would manage to wear bracelet if I dont have to wear it daily. Would it ruin screws? Or is my one and only option to sell the bracelet ?
Many thanks xxx


Nov 7, 2022
I’ve had my love bracelet 7 years (in January) and take it off every Monday morning for work. It gets put back on, on a Friday evening. I’ve had no problems with the screws, it remains in 2 pieces in its box when not worn.
Thank you. I actually spoke to my SA today and she told me it’s absolutely fine to wear LB as I wish and not 24/7… ? i am confused as I saw somewhere posts about screws being ruined when taken on/off ‍♀️

Cat Fondler

Feb 14, 2020
I just bought my love bracelet last week and I noticed that it leaves a greenish residue on my arm…I’ve had my JUC for almost a year now and have never had this problem. Does anyone else experience this?

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Did you have either one of them cleaned or polished recently? It could be residue from that, and/or oxidation. If you clean both with soapy water it should take care of it. From the pattern on your arm it appears it’s coming from the nail head.