Cartier jewelry/stacks „hurting your image“, why, if so?

When I was younger in my 20's, I worked for corporate retail for a well known mall store in the US. I brought my designer bags (LV & Balenciaga) in and my coworkers appreciated them (the ones the knew what they were). Now in my 30's, I work for a different industry at corporate headquarters. Maybe it's COVID, maybe it's this generation or company culture, but it is so darn casual at work. I haven't seen anyone wear a designer bag or any cartier (that I can spot anyways).

Personally, I don't wear my designer bags anymore to work (that may change if I get the Gucci Horsebit shoulder bag), but I keep on my single cartier gold bracelet. One would definitely stand out if they dressed in head to toe designers, but I wouldn't judge someone if they came in with a cartier watch or a designer handbag or shoes. To me, it just means they like luxury items like me!


Jun 18, 2008
Personally, it depends on where I work. I worked at a small non-profit for years and while I never wore anything pricier than a le pliage for a bag, I did wear my black leather & steel tank solo and love rings and no one batted an eye (I suspect no one knew what Cartier was). I did drive a fancy car at the time and got stares/whisperings from that but it was my only car which I bought before I started there and I wasn't gonna uber to work lol

Now, I'm at a much, much larger and richer non-profit. I do wear my ballon bleu, my yellow gold van cleef and cartier jewelry and "loud" bags like Goyard and Bottega and get compliments because the culture is different. Everyone on my team has luxury cars and clothes.
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