Cartier disputing online return

Just awful, and sorry you’ve had to spend precious time on this back and forth. Cartier once sent me a totally used JUC, and I posted about it here. I took copious photos, and maybe it was my tone on the phone, but they took it back without issue. The fact that they gave you a hard time is beyond bad. They have poor QC with online orders, which only feeds the rumors of online product being not as good or not the same as in the boutiques. This is totally on them. Guessing the people in the fulfillment center are low wage workers with little experience. Another thing that is totally on Cartier and totally gross. Part of the myth of these luxury brands is that (well paid) experts are white gloving your piece. Nope. It’s all BS. Eta: Profits to the top, always. Very little “trickles down” to the workers handling the pieces of these huge luxe houses owned by conglomerates.
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I used to buy and sell vintage estate jewelry and always take out my jeweler's loupe (you can get these on Amazon) as soon as I receive a new piece of jewelry. I check for scratches and signs of wear so that I can immediately return it if needed. It's nearly impossible for them to dispute it if you contact them minutes after your package arrives (assuming you're home to sign for the delivery).

Even so, this was astonishingly poor service.

AmEx is awesome. I use them for all large purchases.
In my experience the cartier online support are bunch of clueless "expert". I purchased a clash bracelet on the boutique which is a bit far from where I live but less than a year later I had some issue where the top hinge keep on opening. I talked to cartier online support over the phone and their online help chat. Omg both told me cartier don’t offer warranty to their jewelries and if I wanted a repair I have so pay for it. I tried explaining that my bracelet was less than a year old and I dont do any stunts that would damage it. Long story short I drove my a$$ to the boutique and they took the bracelet and repaired it for free. So lesson learned here never ever buy jewelry online even if it's cartier.
That's too bad. I've purchased all of my Cartier pieces online because unfortunately, Colorado no longer has a Cartier boutique (we used to have two). So I basically had no choice. Thankfully, all of my pieces (including 2 Love bracelets) arrived perfectly without any scratches and/or damage. I'm lucky, because the closest boutique is Las Vegas, and that is a 13/14 hour drive.
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I had seen this thread and that’s why when I received my Sacai Trinity I waited to open it at the store. (I opened the shipping box but not the paper and wax sealed actual jewelry box). Because it was the rolling rings, and I heard them moving inside the box, and I wasn’t sure if it would fit, I refused to open it unless it was in front of an SA at the store. That way if there were dings and nicks they wouldn’t be able to blame me if I needed to return it. Fortunately it all worked out but it took me some planning to make an appointment and drive up to the boutique (an hour away) just to make sure there wouldn’t be any issues.