Cartier....anyone? Cartier "Tank Francaise" Ladies Watch

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  1. I have just bought myself a Cartier Panthere two tone watch. I get it next week. I love Cartier watches :smile:
  2. I have a white gold panther that I love to wear every day, but I just bought Yellow Gold Tank Americaine with diamonds for dressier occasion. I originally wanted it also in white gold, but it somewhat more expensive.
  3. The Tank Americaine with diamonds is my all time fantasy watch. Maybe one day!

    It doesn't seem to be remotely as popular as the Tank Francaise and I don't know why.
  4. I have a rolex and a tank. I wear my tank nearly everyday. Still love the Rolex though.
  5. Interesting find.....I have found from investigating the value of past Rolex and Cartier Watches, that Cartier retains their value much longer than Rolex.
  6. I heard that it was the other way around..that's good to know..

  7. I also heard that's it's the other way around (i.e. Cartier loses its value, Rolex keeps it's value)...I heard this when I was looking into the Panther/e a few years ago .....which has since been discontinued.....But yes, I do love the Tank Americane with diamonds :P
  8. Hello styleforever.
    I have one in stainless steel (small size).
    I got it around 2 years ago and I almost wear it everyday (I don't wear my Rolex that often).
    It's truly a classic from Cartier's watch collection (that's why I picked her).
    It definitely will last for a long long time.
    Very valuable piece!

    Are you planning to get one soon (in rose gold)?
    The watch costs a lot but definitely worth it!
    Good luck!
  9. All those "fake" Cartiers are not "fakes" They are properly known as homage pieces. That is, legit watch manufacturers produce a knock-off the Tank. So, technically, they are not "fakes."
    The reason you see so many is that Cartier Tank style is timeless and classic and are pefect for everyone. (Not to mention understated).

    Why would you want to wear a $19K watch everyday. They're well-made, but unsuited for some everyday activities. They're not indestructable, so actually, better to a have a more inexpensive watch that is more durable. Besides, if you can spring for a Cartier, you can buy afford to buy another watch.
  10. when I heard that I started think about trading in my tank for a rolex. I've decided to keep the tank and continue to save for the rolex..
  11. I've got a Tank F in mixed metal and I've been very happy with it. I had a Santos before, and I traded it in to a dealer and bought the Tank F from them. I'm not particularly worried about value loss--since I don't intend to sell it. That said, the Rolex, which I also tried out, looked freakishly weird on me.
  12. Naw. Glad you didn't trade in your cartier. They're both great watches and if you have no plans to try selling your Cartier in the future it's a non-factor.

    I own a Rolex (ladies size datejust solid white gold Presidential band w/diamond bezel and dial) but am considering possibly getting the diamond encrusted (band and bezel) Tank Americane as a second watch ...maybe in a couple years....I'm content with my Rolex for now
  13. I have the Cartier Tank F. in the small ladies size, two tone. It is perfect from my perspective, it absolutely suits my personal taste and aesthetic, it's comfortable and discreet and it compliments my other jewellery and clothing/accessories perfectly.

    It really does depend on all of these things as to whether a watch will suit you - my personal taste is classic and understated - I wear cashmere sweaters and jeans and flats, not miniskirts and sequins. If your personal style is more outlandish and vivid, then the Tank might disappear on you, you probably need something larger with some bling. Try one on and see how it feels as well as how it looks...
  14. Beautiful watch - I would like one myself
  15. I agree that's why I love it so much!