Cartier....anyone? Cartier "Tank Francaise" Ladies Watch

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  1. What does anyone think of the Cartier "Tank Francaise" Ladies Watch? I think it is gorgeous! Especially in [FONT="Trebuchet MS", Arial, Helvetica]Rose gold. [/FONT]

    Yes, I know it cost a lot. [FONT="Trebuchet MS", Arial, Helvetica] [/FONT]
  2. I love it! Have you seen the tank americaine? Also stunning
    Both are on my wishlist but I am now considering a Rolex instead
  3. I prefer mechanical watches, but the Tank Francaise is nice.
  4. I love the lines of the watch but I see them everywhere!
  5. I love it! I have one is stainless steel. small size.
  6. I have a Coach watch right now and don't really wear watches much, but the next (and only!) watch I will ever buy will be that one! Hopefully in white gold or SS with diamonds... not the super blingy one, the sort of blingy one. It is GORGEOUS and in my mind a perfect classic!! So feminine and classy... I have loved this watch for about 10 years now! :smile:

  7. I too have a Coach one, I mostly wear every day. No I wouldn't wear my Caritier Tank every day, it cost 19,000 dollars and that is way too much money to walk around wearing with on every day.

  8. I see a lot of fake ones everywhere but not many real ones, these are not cheap by no stretch of the imagination, that is why I only wear mine at very special occasions.

  9. No, I don't think I have seen the Caritier Tank Americaine. After the last one my husband steers me away from anything remotely looks like it might cost a fortune.
    I brought a Rolex some years ago but I am a bling-bling girl and love to shine so I switch to a design that suits my style . I know it is not cool anymore to be flashy but I still love it. :yahoo:
  10. I love it! and I have it in stainless steel, and yes the rose gold is gorgeous!
  11. Yes, it's absolutely beautiful!! I love Cartier watches! That being said, my first (and only) Cartier is the two-tone Demoiselle in gold and stainless. I would love to get a Tank F or Tank A in yellow or white gold... but the rose is amazing too!

    Your Tank F sounds stunning!! enjoy!!
  12. I have it and never wear it. I should break it out and use it. I have had it 3 years already. Its a very comfortable watch to wear.
  13. The Cartier Tank is a true classic. Its sleek, simple and timeless. Mrs. Obama sports one, as do countless celebs...It is my favorite Cartier watch and maybe one day I will get one. That being said, I have and prefer Rolex...
  14. Why don't you wear it?

    How much would the gold or ss version be?

  15. Chanel Girl, that is so true! It is a true classic, I did not realize that until I owned one.