Carolina Bucci Lucky bracelet quality?!!! Post pics of your bracelet if u have one!

  1. Love your colors! Do you have a picture wearing them altogether stacked? :smile:
  2. Found something similar on Etsy. What do you ladies think?
    tie a knot.jpg
  3. link please??
  4. You're welcome...:smile:
  5. sorry no modeling pic yet but will post when i do!
  6. More pics :smile: please!!
    I have the peace lucky in White gold now instead of yellow gold and love it
  7. I purchased my two lucky bracelets a few weeks ago from the London boutique and I absolutely LOVE them, but...the tassles are a nightmare! They get stuck everywhere and some of gold chains got yanked pretty badly such that they've become longer than the rest. Anyone having this problem too?
  8. Congrats Candice! I love your new bracelet, is it two-tone? Hope you are loving it too. These bracelets are so fun and unique:smile: Enjoy!
  9. They do get caught that's for sure. I had some break off, none that became longer though... I wear two at the same time, and that was a little much. I kept one bracelet with the full length tassels and the other one got a "trim". Perfection. Good luck and I hope it works out because these bracelets are so fun!!!!
  10. yes it's 18k white and yellow gold together. there's only one small thread of grey silk running through it:smile:
  11. Congrats candice !!!!! :smile: I love the virtue bracelet

    Could everyone post layering pics of their luckys with other bracelets/watches as I need help deciding how to wear mine please
  12. thanks blackxstarx!! it's so dainty and feminine but when you take it off there's a definite weight to the virtue bracelet!

    I think i'm going to put my love bracelet back on today, if I do i'll post pics of how I was layering it before :biggrin: