Can someone please help me ID this Givenchy?

  1. Hello people , Does anyone know the name of this bag?, i bought it in Paris back in 2007 i believe but since i dont really wear it that much , i think im going to sell it, but i dont really remember the name =/ , i'll appreciate if anyone can help me with the name

  2. please anyone? i need the name of this bag , i cant find it anywhere:shucks:
  3. So recently I stumbled across a bag on a site similar to Bonanzle which is apparently a vintage Givenchy. I really like its shape so that's why I clicked it in the first place.

    Unfortunately there's only a really poor picture but does anyone on here know if Givenchy has ever made bags like this in the past and if it'd maybe worth it to ask for more clearer pictures? :flowers:
  4. I own that exact one.
    It was labelled''beige rosé ''.
  5. Hello all. Does anyone know the name of this bag? It is about 5" by 8.5". I am trying to track one down in black. Thanks!
    givency small chain bag.jpg
  6. Can anyone tell me the actual color/material name of Cameron's Antigona and if you have any idea where I might one? I just can't get this particular Antigona out of my head... ;)

  7. Hi Hanna. I was looking at your old post about the Nightingale with a chain strap. Did you know more about the purse because I actually bought the purse yesterday... Would like to know more info. Thanks.
  8. I'm sorry but I never found out more info so I ended up passing on the bag. I hope you like it, I thought it was very pretty! You might want to try posting in the main Givenchy thread, more traffic there.

  9. Thanks Hanna. It's a beautiful purse. Hope it looks the same in person. I will still get it checked at Barneys to see if the price tag and receipt is valid. I havent seen the purse anywhere online.
  10. Hi ladies, do you happen to know what bag is this? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I know this bag is a Givenchy Nightingale, but I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the leather. I couldn't find it online. I don't know if its 'dirty' or it's suppose to look like that. I don't want to end up sending it to the cleaners & ruining the bag because I'm over zealous about having a clean bag. Thank you!
  12. Appears to be calf.
  13. Hi everyone :smile:

    I was wondering which season is this nightingale colour.

    And this pic is from stated that it is SMALL size but the actual measurement is little big then what I saw in the off line shop.

    Measures approximately 16'' at widest x 10½'' tall at center x 5'' deep; weighs 1½ lbs

    This is what the site stated.

    Does small size differ by season?

    Thanks for your help :biggrin: ;)