Buy a NEW bag or jewelry?

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If you have the money, would you get a bag or jewelry?

  1. Bag

    4 vote(s)
  2. Jewelry

    60 vote(s)
  1. Here you go...I also have a Michael Bondanza "Bubble" collar 18KT YG, but don't have a pic. I'll take a pic if you want to see it. No diamonds, more casual.

    Diamond collar.JPG Tiffany collar.jpg
  2. I love these! Esp the one with gold knots :smile: I am sure the other one is stunning too!!!
  3. Jewellery! Diamonds are forever, and also a girls best friend! :heart:
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  4. Tiffany "Love Knots"...oldie but goodie!
  5. Jewellery for sure.
  6. My interest keeps on changing. There are days i look at bags the whole day then jewelry next lol. But if i had to spend on something expensive id choose jewelry. It wears longer.
  7. I went on a bag binge recently - Coach mainly (summer sale) - but also bought some jewelry pieces at the same time as well. I hadn't bought any bags in at least a year but jewelry I buy more often. Given the choice between the two, always, always jewelry but I LOVE JEWELRY.
  8. Jewels are forever..
  9. you might have made up your mind now but Jewelry ........... unless you are buying a Chanel ... lol otherwise, please buy diamonds. And when it comes to jewelry, you are better off finding a small reputable jeweler where you can get more for your money. The diamond you get at the small jeweler is the same diamond you get at Tiffany's (as long as it's certified). :biggrin:
  10. Jewellery definitely!
    I have a few nice bags (although not as nice or expensive as others on TPF) and I find I either don't use them, or I use them all the time and they get destroyed from use haha. Either way they do eventually get used up, with jewellery this can happen to but as long as the diamonds are in tact you can get it remodelled.
    Also jewellery is a good heirloom which can be passed downs. Bags can be as well, but are more likely to not be used due to fashion trends etc.
    Good luck on your decision!
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  11. :idea:
  12. I would definitely go for a precious jewelry item. Even the most expensive bags go out of fashion!