Buy a NEW bag or jewelry?

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If you have the money, would you get a bag or jewelry?

  1. Bag

    5 vote(s)
  2. Jewelry

    70 vote(s)
  1. I sold some of my stuff that I don't use anymore and thinking of using the fund to buy something for myself. Thinking of getting a new bag or a jewelry.

    To be specific:

    Bag : Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise

    Jewelry : Gold Chain Chocker Necklace

    I am both a baglover and diamond lover! I love both equally. I just want to know the opinion of others. :smile: If you have the money, would you buy a bag or a jewelry?
  2. Jewellery for sure. The bag is very pretty though. Good luck deciding.
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  3. Bag lover i am also.....yes jewellery to but not much, but bags love too much, even i have the collection of the bags, for party and all occasions.
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  4. Jewelry as of late for me.
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  5. Jewelry because you can never have enough jewelry.
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  6. Jewelry.
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  7. deff Jewelry
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  8. Jewelry
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  9. Answer depends on what I want that I do not yet have.
    In my situation, I would definitely say jewelry. As of now, I have bought everything that is on my must-have list, so I am more picky in terms for future purchase. The only handbag that I may want is a good quality crossbody bag for travel purpose. For jewelry, I would buy whatever that appeals to me and can add to my collection (no redundancy). The reason I am more open to jewelry than handbag is that it lasts much longer in terms of material and style. Furthermore, if the style of my jewelry goes out of fashion or if I get tired of it, I can always change it or repurpose the components. I cannot alter my handbag, and have no choice but donate/sell it for a big loss.
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  10. Hi @Christiflora ! Thanks for your inputs! Nice to hear from you again. I remember asking your help when I was just starting my jewelry collection. :smile:
  11. Jewlery all the way :flowers::flowers::flowers:
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  12. Jewelry because you can wear it everyday and it will match with almost anything! I think Kate spade is overpriced :smile:
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  13. Thank you. I will check the link :smile:
  14. Go with the gold choker/collar necklace...I have a couple and love them. Get tons of compliments!
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  15. Can you pls post a pic of your choker/collar necklace pls? :smile: