BN2274 saffiano lux tote discontinued?

  1. I'm planning to order it online once the stocks are available.
  2. I am also eyeing this bag currently and checked out the Msian stores, it is a crazy RM7,640 (approx USD2450)! The e-Store doesn't deliver to this part of the world...sobs...and no Europe trip in sight.
  3. me too!
  4. does anyone know if this can fit an ipad and a4 paper in this bag?
  5. I'm pretty sure, since it's dimensions are well above the A4 size. If you're worried about the structure of the bag itself, 13 inches is well beyond the 11 inches of an A4 and definitely on the iPad's 9 inches... So logically, yes!

    I realllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want this bag... So perfect! :p If it really is available in Argilla, then my preferred Nero (black) will have a rival hahaha
  6. It fits an iPad and A4 paper. I put the iPad in the zipper compartments and my A4 documents in the main compartment. Hope this helps!
  7. I managed to get it 5 hours ago!!! Such a tedious progress!!! But now seems all worth it!!! Good luck to u!
  8. nice purchase!!! :biggrin::biggrin:
  9. Thank you !
  10. The bag is back on Prada's website! I'm so tempted to go ahead with the order but anyone had real experience ordering it from Prada? Or should I go through Harrods? Harrods might take a really long time to get back to me as the staff told me the last time they say 2274 in cornflower blue was like 1 year ago!
  11. I think u can just order it, website should be safe! The color really hard to get, just grab it while you can! =)
  12. Hi,great color.Is this cornflower blue? Thank you
  13. I love that colour!!!