Best purse organizer for speedy b 30?

Annabel Lee

Dec 27, 2013
Another vote for Samorga--it's really lightweight so it doesn't make the bag a pain to carry. And as others stated, it helps the bag keep its shape and doesn't have to be removed for storage (I have another organizer for another bag that's not nearly as good).

Hi, I ordered some inserts from Samorga also. Heard all great reviews, but haven't received them so I can't really comment. But for those of you who dealt with Samorga previously, how long did it take you to receive your item(s)?
Thanks in advance.
Similar to @TNgypsy, I did two orders. The first was just one organizer, and it took about three weeks. My next order was for three organizers, and that understandably took longer, about five weeks, though I think they were on vacation part of that time.