Best purse organizer for speedy b 30?

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  1. Hello all

    I'm newer to the purse forum and have really enjoyed learning a lot from all the experienced posters on here. I just received my new speedy b 30 and am wondering which purse organizer will work best in it. TIA!!
  2. Samorga organizer. I removed the middle part to make it look less boxy. It holds the shape well, and there is no need for a base shaper. There is a thread with pictures.
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  3. Hi second this. I have the red samorga (to match interior) and its ideal for giving it more shape and helping keep everything to hand. I got the one with bottle holder and ipad holder so no middle compartment. This is better for me to havemy makeup case and umbrella in the middle.
  4. Samorga !!! I love that I can also just store my speedy with the samorga in it and it helps it keep its shape.
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  5. Samorga. I'm actually hoping the one I got for my 30 fits inside my totally MM or else I'll need to order another one. I absolutely love it. Definitely a necessity hehe!!
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  6. I love my Divide and Conquer (from Etsy) one. Doesn't add any weight and has nice strong sides. Mine has a wipe able bottom that gives it just enough structure. Has kept my Speedy looking new for years.
  7. Ditto on the Samorga. Just be prepared for long shipping time and lack of communication with seller. But the item worth the wait and headache.
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  8. Thank you all for your responses. I ordered a samorga for my delightful mm does anyone know if it will my speedy b 30?

    Edited to add: I haven't received it yet as why I asked lol
  9. I got my purse organizer by Cloversac which I used to switch my things between my Speedy 30 and neverfull MM. What i love most about it is it is affordable and lightweight
  10. Hi, I ordered some inserts from Samorga also. Heard all great reviews, but haven't received them so I can't really comment. But for those of you who dealt with Samorga previously, how long did it take you to receive your item(s)?
    Thanks in advance.
  11. Usually it takes three weeks for an item to arrive in my past experiences.
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  12. Yes - Samorga in all my bags, love them!
  13. I’ve only ordered two inserts so far. First insert took exactly 2 weeks to receive. The second insert took almost 4 weeks. Both of my orders were in the last couple of months.
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  14. I watched a video online of a girl making her own with felt. It took a little more effort but then she customized the way she wanted it. Also only cost her $2 dollar! I plan to do the same :smile:
  15. That is great. I envy those people who can do those things... I don't even put buttons back on my shirts :sick:
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