BEST Ballet Flats for wide feet?

  1. I totally understand you! I would suggest Tod's or Dior. I also have a pair of Prada ballerina and as they are made of lambskin they took the shape of my feet. But I totally understand you as I had to skip from a lot of good deals because of my feet! :sad:
  2. no way on the revas. they'll fit your feet, but your feet will end up looking like boats. if you do try tb, get your actual size or size up .5 a size. don't size .5 down. i learned the hard way.
  3. My feet are a little wide and I wear Coach, Chanel, Lanvin and Tory Burch flats all the time. They are very comfortable and really cute.
  4. have you tried Chanel Cambon flat? I think the width is considered C (not the usual B or M width) so that should work for you!
  5. I recently purchased Taryn Rose flats after years of thinking that I couldn't possibly wear flats because my feet look so wide in them : ( These are perfect and so flattering! I think because they are cut higher up on the side, rather than low cut!

    I got them at NM for $223, so maybe try and call around!

    I wish you well,

  6. repetto. they are awesome but kind of hard to find...
  7. Yes, the blowfish hopper is good for wide feet, and cut so that your feet don't look like hams.
  8. Try Repetto. They are made of super soft leather that will mold to your feet wonderfully. You can find a few retailers if you google, and I know usually carries a few styles, too, and sometimes has them, but usually in bright colors/patterns. Note that you should size up one full french size (I usually wear FR 36, but in Repetto ballet flats I wear FR 37, for example). You might also want to try French Sole, I don't know how wide they run but they claim to be fit specialists, and their shoes come in a wide variety of colors and leathers so you might be able to find something that works. I would suggest calling their shop and discussing styles. Also, FS flats are shaped more like Chanel ballerinas, whereas Repettos have a softer look and a lot more toe cleavage. Just something to keep in mind. Happy hunting!
  9. Hi, I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for ballerina flats that will look good on wide feet. I tried Lanvin the other day and the just made my feet look twice as wide and frankly very much like pancakes!

    Do I have any hope for flats that hold their shape and are still comfy or am I destine to live my life in stilettos and flip-flops?
  10. You need something that's not quite as low cut as Lanvin, have you tried French Sole, Repetto or Maloles?
  11. How about Ferragamo Varina Flats? The patent ones are quite stiff and they come in different widths
  12. I would also recommend French Sole. They're higher cut, but my only concern for wide feet would be that the leather stretches out too much. The leather is very thin and fine.
  13. I have double-wides and I highly recommend Repetto's!!!
  14. thanks everyone... i'll pop into the shops tomorrow to try them out ;)
  15. Prada all leather ballet flats are super comfy for wide feet!:yes: