BEST Ballet Flats for wide feet?

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  1. hi ladies
    my feet is kinda wide and so some normal ballet flats (MJ, prada, lanvin) doesn't fit well. i got a pair of chanel ballerina and it's perfect. now, i got to find another pair to replace it. what's your recommendation?
  2. I have wide feet too. Have you tried ballet flats that have elastic all around the top edge? I'm surprised the Lanvins don't fit you.

    I would try Tod's Dee flats, they work well for me. After that try Tory Burch Revas.
  3. I sympathize with you. I have one wide foot, and live in Coach flats, but some are tighter than others.
  4. Some delmans are good...I used to be in love with sue londons which fit really well and comfortably but i had one pair rip after having them for not even two months.
  5. thanks gals. i'll take a look at tod's. choices for delman is rather limited but i'll give it a try..
    cheers :P
  6. repetto?
  7. delmans
  8. I have wide feet too. I just ordered the Steve Madden 'Persuade' and it's surprisingly comfy. It's on sale for $55 at Nordies.

    Also Tory Burch is very comfy, but I just bought a bunch of Louboutins that I have to spend less on flats.
  9. i just got the dior western ballerina flats and they're pretty wide...only complaint is that the elastic back of the heel cuts into the back of my heel, but i think that's just my feet being weird. otherwise they're super comfy.
  10. I got two pairs of Miu Miu ballet flats. And they're super wide.
  11. I have wide feet and love Coach ballet flats.
  12. I like Sue London flats, but they are VERY flimsy... I'd reccomend getting a cobbler to give you an extra sole or something. Otherwise they're great.. and don't even cut into the back of my heel like most elastic back flats.
  13. My feet are kinda wide..if you have true wide feet then I don't agree that Tory Burch are good. They def fit narrower than MJ flats and you mentioned you can have problems with the width of MJ shoes.
  14. while i think that tory burch will fit wide feet as the leather is soft i do not think it looks good at all with the sides sticking out like sore thumbs
  15. try blowfish shoes. Cheap, wide and really soft leather