Being honest with yourself when you love a bag

It’s so sad to remind myself that my babies will not need me to carry their things for very long but it is true.
Aww this comment is so sad :crybaby:
I have a baby who is only five months old (my first baby) so I can relate to that feeling of time passing so quickly when it comes to your babies.
Sorry this hasn’t related to your thread topic or been helpful in the least!

So my opinion - I would personally hold onto the smaller bags if possible. I too buy bags which are classic (to me, anyway) and whilst I don’t use a lot of them at the moment, I intend to in the future and I know by then they will cost sooooo much more than they already do if I were to sell and repurchase. I’d also love to give a few pieces to my baby once she is old enough so that also makes keeping them worthwhile to me.
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Yup, they grow up quickly. My girls are 16 and 24 and it literally seems like yesterday they were babies. Enjoy those precious little ones!

As for OP, I get the impression you are not ready to part with these bags, so don't. I'm sure the day will come that you can leave babies to go on a date night or out with friends. Or just use them in conjunction with another bag for baby/toddler/kid items like someone else suggested and be the most stylish mom at the park!
Sounds like you still love your bags so I would definitely keep them. The prices are increasing at ridiculous rates. And, as someone mentioned above, they would be nice to pass down to your kids one day. By the time my daughter got to high school, she was very much into bags like me... :smile:
I can completely relate! 80% of my bags do not relate to my current lifestyle, I have them because I love them aesthetically. I am currently parting with one of them because I just realized I bought it a year ago and wore it exactly twice throughout the year! I've decided to have some sort of benchmark - if I'm not able to wear it say 5 times / year I say we need to bid farewell
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