Ball Bag Saga...

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  1. how horrible - to spend $2k on a bag and for it to arrive with a pen mark!!!!! I agree with greendrv that a good leather shop should be able to get it out - but there is a risk. you may be better off returning it and finding another dream bag.....
  2. I'd rather not spend $2k on a purse that I'm not in love with and the mark will bug me, even with a small discount. There is another orange one back up on, now I have to figure out whether to call them to do an exchange or something...

    For $2k I'd like a stunner purse. And I am a bit picky about what I'd like to get. To be honest, even though I'm not a Spy person, I think the honey spy I saw looked nicer than the BV and they're in the compatible price range!

    I'll mull things over today. I really appreciate everyone's input. I think my problem is I'm on the hunt for the "perfect" new bag... Somtimes it takes awhile!
  3. i think you should ask for an exchange, the bottega veneta is timeless, whereas the spy...not!
  4. Just wanted to say thanks for everyone's input.

    I've decided that I'm returning my ball purse and even though another one is back on their website, I think I'm going to pass. I'm going to by my ball bag either at the BV store or at my local Nordy's. I just need to inspect the bag when it's a huge purchase. If I'm going to spend $2k on a bag, it should be perfect and I should be in love the second I see it.
  5. 'xactly!!!!
  6. Good decision!:amuse:
  7. I concur...let us know if you ever purchase a BV in person.
  8. I think you are going to have a headache after reading all of these recommendations plus what is going through on your mind!:biggrin: .
    I would say return the BV and give yourself a break by not ordering any bag. Give yourself some time to think what bag that you are really in love with. :idea: Then buy it! :love: .
  9. lol, I didn't get a headache :biggrin: It was nice to read everyone's opinions. Held solidify things for me. I returned it tonight to NM and pointed out that it had a penmark. The customer service lady didn't even blink or apologize. Makes me wonder if it's something common....

    Anyways, I'm going to wait for my Stam to arrive--I heard one negative comment on it from a sales person though. She warned me that they have a tendency to "pop open" when you wear it on your shoulder b/c of how the purse is designed....

    I really appreciate everyone's input. Thanks!