Ball Bag Saga...

Jan 10, 2006
Ok, as a number of you know, I've been waiting for my orange ball bag to arrive. It arrived tonight, but unfortunately, it has a pen mark that's about two inches long on it... I won't be able to track another one down since it's the last one with NM and BV sold out months ago (It's a purse from the fall). I paid full price ($1880) and realistically, I doubt customer service will give me more than 10% off.

I also caved in and got a MJ Stam in the Icy Taupe leather from Nordstrom ($1200). I've never seen the purse in person, so I could end up hating it. And I'm on a waiting list for a medium sized tan leather/black patent Fend B. Bag.

Then in the meantime, I've had my eye on either a Speedy 30 ($560) or Popincourt ($685) from LV--I don't own any LV... And I discovered this potential replacement ($398) for the BV that's SIGNIFICANTLY less $$.

So... Since I have a practical streak in me, I'm starting to rethink things... I'm not going to factor in the B. Bag since my opinion of it changes day to day--I think it's just a purse I really need to see in person. So here are some options--ANY input would be REALLY appreciated.

1) Keep the BV and the Stam--forget about the other purses. Total spent ($3k--YIKES) This is the most UNREALISTIC option, lol.

2) Return the BV cause the pen mark does bug.... Maybe I'll like the Stam, so I keep it. Get the Ellen Tracy as a BV replacement--forget about all others. ($1500)

3) Return the BV, pass on the Stam. Go with the Ellen Tracy and an LV (about $1100)

4) Return the BV, keep the Stam and get an LV. ($2k)

5) Keep the BV and forget all about the other purses. ($1880). Think about getting an LV in the future.

THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE INPUT. Sorry about the lengthy post.


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Oh my goodness! Orange is absurdly pretty! The pen mark would bug me as well. I think it's extremely unfair to pay nearly $2k for a bag that's been damaged. There isn't any way to remove the line?

I wouldn't give up the Fendi B-bag for LV or MJ. It's chic and sophisticated, and I adore it to pieces. If only I made it a habit of celebrating my half birthday when I was younger. I could use it as an excuse to buy the paddington and b-bag.
I think you should ask for the discount for this bag but keep it and see if you can get the mark off. By pass the Stam get the LV in the future! Unless you really don't want to keep the BV.......
I have to agree with Noriko. Return the BV, keep the Stam and get a Speedy 30. For $2,000 you should be totally happy and don't settle for anything less than a perfect bag.
I agree with Noriko and should return the BV, especially because of the pen mark. They should have inspected the bag before shippping it out to you, and you are probably right about them not giving you beyond a 10% discount for it. Unless you were buying the bag used, any imperfections should be created by YOU. That being said, you should definitely get the Speedy 30 and I want to recommend that you wait until you see the Stam in person.

A question for you, and hope that you don't take there a reason why you feel pressure to buy all these bags right now, other than the fact that you love purses (like the rest of us on the forum)? Maybe I'm reading the post incorrectly, but you might feel more conflicted later on if you are buying just for the sake of buying things. You might even feel regret later on. I had a tendency to buy things for the sake of buying them, but I am working on it. Just wanted to know since you sound so conflicted.
I would probably return the ball bag and just keep thinking about it. If you're not really in love with the stam, just pass on that !

On the other hand, a Louis Vuitton is a lovely choice, maybe you should just hang onto your money and think about it for a bit, the bag that you can't stop thinking about will be the one. ;)
Wicked I've been eyeing that Ellen Tracy as well, I really love it. This is a tough one! The BV is a stunner but if the mark is really bothering you, which is reasonable given the $$$$ then return it (assuming you don't get offered a significant discount). And if you really think the ET will replace the BV in your heart then get that keep the Stam, and get the LV later (unless you hate the Stam of course)
wicked, do you have a leather craftsman/expert in your area? S/he would probably be able to take that pen mark out without altering/damaging the bag for a nominal fee.