Balenciaga City - would you buy the "old" model now?


Jan 10, 2015
WHAT?!?! .. seriously??? .. oh crap, that is a super DANGEROUS thing for me since I will be moving not far from the Balenciaga outlet near Palm Springs/Palm Desert! This should be interesting, and I will .. OF COURSE .. report anything interesting that I see!
Hope there will still be some left next year :angel: Need to hunt for a brand new one for my mom's 60th


Mar 17, 2006
Interestingly enough I was in Balenciaga East Hampton last month: I was wearing my very well worn 2002 flat brass hobo. The young man that was on the sales floor greeted me when I walked in and then complimented my bag. I told him I was collector from the early N.G. years and how most people wouldn't even have noticed my bag, but he knew. ("if you know, you know" he said). I told him I just wanted to see the new models and we talked about how great the original designs were. The most interesting part was that he told me he had tons of people coming in asking for the old model city bag or work - and that he had to direct them to the next best version of the older design. So ironic that a new generation wants that 2000 - 2010 look of the city, first and work bags - but they don't really have that kind of stock anymore.
Btw I'm heartbroken that CeeJay can't read this update - she would have loved my interaction with the next gen of Bal sales people and info.


Mar 27, 2007
Thank you for posting your interesting interaction with the friendly sales person. I’m not surprised by his experience. We have been seeing articles and other various hints that the older NG designs are far from forgotten. Unfortunately, the last several years of over-production of similar but poorer quality bags have, in my opinion, denigrated the original classics. If ever Balenciaga would or could recreate the quality of those early bags, the resulting resurgence would be certain. If that is never to be, at least we can be grateful that there is still a healthy re-sale market. :girlsigh:


Lo-Fi Bal Stan
Jan 4, 2006
If you visit a Bal store now, the bag styles are just different from the old Moto from the NG (golden) era. I see the random old First/City when I’m out and about.

The Demna styles is what’s out there. But it feels like the fans are not “collecting” them like how we used to (still do thanks to the hunt). But then again, hard to collect different colours when the prices are nearing/over the AU$3k mark for new bags. :whut:


Jul 24, 2013
I would and I just did! When it was in circulation in the store I didn't have the fund for that. In 2019 I bought the small in white at an outlet but couldn't buy the medium black with silver hardware. Then it never resurfaced but the one with gold hardware was available at the outlet in Spring 2022. I wasn't quite sure (preferred silver) so passed. Just bought the one I wanted for £600 on vestiaire in really excellent condition. First time ever buying there but the seller seems lovely so I have high hope it will work out!


Jul 26, 2012
I just bought two older Bals and I like them better than the newer styles. I don't think they ever look dated? They just look cool.
The new styles just aren't appealing to me. I have a bunch of the old City bags with the regular and giant hardware and I get compliments and inquiries each time I wear one out. I don't feel like they look dated...they look vintage biker chic to me.