Bag Terminology - East/West, North/South ???

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  1. This Lanvin bag would be north/south; it's taller than it is wide.

  2. too....
  3. Thanks for clearing that up for us as I didn't know the meaning, either.
  4. See all the important things you learn here?? :smartass: Thanks for the explanation.
  5. What exactly is an 'East West' bag? I've been seeing this expression for ages and wondered what it meant. When I finally discover the meaning I'll probably realize I have three or four East West bags! :rolleyes:
  6. It's wider than it is long, I think.
  7. Thanks, tonij. So, as we speak I am looking at my East West bag. It's a cream Prada with tassels I just brought out for summer! It's actually the only East West bag I own. I never knew they were called that! I've learned something!
  8. Tonij2000 is right. An 'east west' bag is one that is wider than it is longer. A 'north south' bag is longer than it is wider. Think of a map - east to west, north to south. Here are examples from Zappos.

    East/West bags
    North/South bags
  9. I was also so confused with that expression when I first came to tPF - at one point I thought East/West bags were styles that were more popular in California/New York and North/South bags were popular in Texas or something!

    And after finally figuring out what it meant, I also realized I am 100% an East/West fan!
  10. OMG thank you for clearing that up!!! I always wondered that myself.
  11. I know!!! I thought it was an area thing as well. I first came across the term in Zappos and after staring at the bags in each section - :idea: (the light finally dawned).
  12. Yes, that's what I think too. My black Stam that I got a couple of years ago was called an east/west style and it is longer than wider. I think it's been since discontinued. But I have a "regular" Stam in the oatmeal color that's not that way.

    I've also heard of north/south bags where the bag is noticeably taller than wider.
  13. Gosh! I'm glad I wasn't the only one! I have never heard of north/south bags. I'll look those up now. I definitely just bought one of those of those without realizing! I prefer the east/west style. The meaning becomes obvious when you start to think about it. Thanks so much for clarifying this, ladies!
  14. Wow, I never knew that. Thanks!
  15. I first hear the term(s) years ago as applied to the orientation of gems on a piece of jewelry. It seems better suited to handbags!