Bag Terminology - East/West, North/South ???

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  1. My bag obsession is relatively new and I don't know all the terminology. What is meant by an East/West bag? North/South bag? I am sure there are other phrases that I am not familiar with. Anyone who wants to educate me, please feel free.
  2. I would like to know too, I have never heard those phrases
  3. East/West = left to right = Width
    North/South = bottom/down to top/up = Height
  4. Yes, E/W bags are generally wider than they are tall. N/S bags are taller than they are wide.
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  5. Interesting. I learn something new everyday in this forum! Thanks ladies
  6. thank you thank you. my only guess was how the handles were situated. are there more terms that i should know???
  7. Very interesting...
  8. Okay, I am now enlightened with a new piece of info!
  9. wow... you learn something new everyday at the forum!
  10. ohhh interesting!! When I think of east/west (when referring to bags) I think of that one Dior line.

    Thanks for the new knowledge ladies!
  11. Hi everyone!

    I have seen handbags being described as "east/west"...what does this mean?
    For instance, at they have this:

    Dior Flight Shearling East/West Bag


  12. i dunno. not to sound dumb, but i wondered why chanel named their bag that too!
  13. see how the bag is short, but wide?
    It's 'runs' East and West.
    A North South would be a taller, but not as wide bag, 'running' North adn South.
  14. wow love the bag. so cute
  15. Thank you! :yes:

    It makes sense! I had seen this term describing certain handbags before, and foolishly thought of it being popular in Asia/ dumb. :s

    I have not come across the North/South, yet.

    Thank you again, Swanky!!!