Authenticate Those SHOES

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  1. Authentic IMO.
  2. IMG_5655.JPG IMG_5647.JPG IMG_5626.JPG IMG_5658.JPG IMG_5668.JPG IMG_5651.JPG IMG_5656.JPG
    Item Name: Chanel Massaro Black Satin Ankle Strap Dress Shoe
    Seller: Purchased at an estate sale
    Comments: I purchased these lovely shoes at an estate sale. No one could say for sure if they were authentic. They feel amazing. However, I have not seen a label like this and wanted to know if they are truly a Chanel Massaro shoe. If they are real can you tell me anything more about them?
  3. IMG_5660.JPG
  4. Authentic IMO, lovely and quite vintage. You may be able to find some info at the Massaro website.
  5. Thanks for the fast response. I will try to send them an email. I am beyond thrilled!
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  7. Item Name: Chloe Ballet Flats


    Seller: dfjstar

    Comments: Hi, I would love an opinion on these shoes! Thank you in advance
  8. Authentic IMO
  9. Thank you!
  10. Dear authenticators could you please kindly take a look at those for me???
    Name: Christian Louboutin brown suede boots
    Seller: local second hand luxury boutique
    fcafb20a-3e8d-48a3-8361-893158460bb7.jpg dea54951-a2cd-4c59-a423-6b198d28c14e.jpg 0690d023-5f13-4436-a00d-74085e1fd34f.jpg 106018c8-939b-4a59-9e5d-41acc6f92202.jpg 878733dd-8471-4a20-9487-1a67fbca95c3.jpg 8beb45a4-cf97-40e3-8f90-50c8ed8107ac.jpg 86cde3f6-2cf4-43a6-901a-e868cb479eec.jpg
  11. Louboutin has its own thread:
  12. Louboutin has its own thread. Please post there.
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  14. Hey there!
    I bought these shoes for cheap and I’m hoping they’re authentic. They feel and seem real. Can you help authenticate please.

    Chanel CC chain link black ankle boots

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