Authenticate Those SHOES

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  1. Hi! I bought these Stuart Weitzman boots off eBay but I don't think they are what they say they are.

    Item: Stuart Weitzman Low Jack Black Suede OTK Boot Size 8.5M F12
    Listing number: 143083300201
    Seller: pheel_great
    They have a very strong smell (like paper?) and even if I sniff very hard I can't smell the leather. I have 3 other boots and none of them smell like that.

    IMG_0491.jpg IMG_1245.jpg IMG_1449.jpg IMG_5129.jpg IMG_5346.jpg IMG_5493.jpg IMG_6182.jpg IMG_7010.jpg IMG_7875.jpg IMG_7886.jpg
  2. Hello everyone! I have Gucci Dionysus flats and I’m not sure if they are real... could you help me please? Thanks!

  3. Authentic.
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  4. They are authentic IMO although I have no idea what they may have been exposed to which has caused an odor.
  5. Authentic? [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  6. I asked the seller and he stored the boots in a cardboard box, which is exactly the smell I was getting. So it made sense. I let it air out and put dry lavender around it to deodorize it. If it fails I would probably spray diluted vinegar.
  7. I bet airing them will do it!
  8. Item Name: Stuart Weitzman Ring Detail Booties
    Comments: I bought these shoes second hand on Poshmark.
    The first thing I noticed was that the rubber soles do not say Stuart Weitzman anywhere. They instead say “Plaginsa” which, when I looked it up, is a manufacturer of soles based in Spain.
    The second thing I noticed was that the Stuart Weitzman inner label as well as the size and serial number stamp are extremely faded and hard to see. All of my Stuart Weitzman shoes have size/serial number stamps that have not faded at all, despite daily wear.
    Finally, the shoes do not smell like real leather and instead smell very chemically.

    I contacted the seller and she swears that she bought them at a store in Beverly Hills and that they are 100% authentic. She also said that Plaginsa is the manufacturer of Stuart Weitzman soles, but I was unable to validate that information online. This makes me doubt the authenticity of the shoes even more because if she said that she had the shoes resoled, that would make sense. But because she is saying that she bought the shoes in-store with the Plaginsa sole, it makes me think she is lying.

    Thanks in advance everyone!

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  9. Your pictures are out of focus and too dark to see detail but my gut feeling is that they are vintage and genuine. Did the seller tell you how old they’re supposed to be? Can you supply more in focus pictures of the exterior of the boot in profile. If they’re vintage nonstamped SW soling is not an issue. The interiors look ok and worn stamping is not an issue.
  10. Please post on the Louboutin thread:
  11. Hello! I have these Dolce&Gabbana booties and I can’t find this style online... that’s a big red flag. I’m having a difficult time believing these are authentic. Could you help me figure it out? Thank you!

    IMG_8244.JPG IMG_8245.JPG IMG_8246.JPG IMG_8247.JPG IMG_8248.JPG IMG_8249.JPG
  12. Hi, could you please help me authenticate these Manolo Blahnik heels? Thank you!

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