Authenticate Those SHOES

  1. I have some Marc by Marc Jacobs with "by" on the box. I can't remember if the ones with "by" on the box are new or old and I'm not home right now so I can't check (I *think* this season's shoes have "by" on the box but I'm not certain). But yes, some have MARC JACOBS on the lid and others have MARC BY MARC JACOBS on the lid. The shoeboxes are always white lid/black box, though.
  2. Yes, this seller does sell 100% authentic shoes, but you'll notice, often, her markup is 50 - 200% ABOVE RETAIL. And sometimes, for shoes that are still in stock in the stores!!
  3. Those are real. I've seen that heel before but the black heel is most common. Becareful with the sizing on those, I've heard alot of people complaining on the fit and comfort of them.
  4. bagsforme - thanks! Those are pretty rare, I guess ... that's the only time I've seen them. I think I'll pass on them for now because of concerns about comfort, like you say...
  5. why would you think these are fake? are there a lot of fake jimmy choos out there?
  6. ^^ Not sure about the first one as I am not familiar with it. Second one looks authentic; I have a similar pair (with a heel). With MJ shoes, you really need to see a picture of the insole and sole.
  7. Is this real or fake Choo? I don't know if this seller is reliable since the picture is from a magazine which seems shady. I'm not even sure if people make fake Choos.
  8. Thank you so much!!! I got them, what a deal!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  9. A deal indeed for a very unique piece from his Trash line! Enjoy them!