Authenticate This LONGCHAMP! -- Please refer to 1st post!!

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  1. Thanks you! :smile: Yeah, apparently the backpack's really old. But the price is making it hard to resist!

    Any input on the Hermes shirt? :smile:
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  3. Great thanks!
  4. sorry i realize i sound like i am maybe insulting your bag! i did not mean to insult and i agree the price cannot be beaten. ;)
  5. ::bump::

    does anyone else have an opinion on this bag?
  6. it's authentic Longchamp :tup:
  7. Thank you!
  8. I just receved this from an online seller with good ratings who said it was from an estate sale. However, it "feels" wrong, plastic-y and zipper is nylon without the YKK mark -- but seller swears it is authentic. Interior cloth is smooth and has "Longchamp 1948 and the horse/jocky logo in a sort of woven ribbon rectangular pattern on the cloth. Zipper pull has decent detail, although toggle on the front is a differnet shade of gold, more matte. The label inside the back interior pocket is thin, again sort of plasticy looking, has oval with name and jocky with line under it (unlike exterior logo). on the reverse of the tag are numbers: 20339 and under it BBEO, all of which are slightly out of alignment with the others in the row.

    Any thoughts? I can still return if I wish. Thanks.




  9. it's authentic. it looks perfect to me... i think you are being paranoid? or buyer's remorse?

    it feels plasticy because Longchamp Roseau have a thin plastic veneer over the leather which makes them shiny and waterproof. not all zippers have YKK stamp and Roseau never have metal zippers.

    i have never seen a fake Roseau, and certainly never any fake Longchamp with the Quadrille lining.
  10. Thank you for your expertise and reassurance, it was the plastic coating that primarily threw me. No remorse, I like the lines and design, paranoia was it. T
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    There has been some questions lately on "authenticate this Longchamp", so I thought I would warn that there are fakes on eBay right now. 99% of them are real (cannot say the same for ioffer :tdown:). I see good deals but be careful when you buy, just as you would with Coach or Gucci, etc.

    Do not buy the Pliage with funny leather grain. They should be the same on all Pliage bags, a slight diamond-like pattern. Ones that are smooth or spotted like the Orange one are signs of fake. Also, the lining should not be same color as outside, unless it is black bag.

    Fake coin purses exist now, although the fakers make the version too big. :yucky:

    There is also fake Longchamp Planetes. This one looks almost real in some ways but the hardware are slightly wrong. It is scary, how good the counterfeiters are getting....

    The giveaway is that the strange square shape of bag doesn't exist!! :weird:

    If you are wondering, I did report, but eBay does not take down.
    square.jpg fake.jpg small.jpg
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