Authenticate This Lanvin


May 22, 2017
Hi. I bought this bag a year ago at a local yard sale and was wondering if someone could help authenticate it for me. Thank you. ❤



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Feb 5, 2020
Hi Girls! I have just bought a pretty little Lanvin bag in pink. I have been selling and buying on eBay actively for about a year now, and I am pretty good at distinguishing real bags from fakes (I must say- i have had an extensive experience- most of the bags I purchased, had to be returned due to them being replicas). Anyway, I am not an expert when it comes to Lanvin, but I didn't think twice before purchasing this little bag, as it just looked so cute, and perfect for the 'light days'. Anyway, i received it today, and it looks nice. However, i tried to do the research regarding the name of this particular style etc., however nothing comes up. Also, it might sound 'tired' but it doesn't smell of leather. I am also concerned regarding the grained pattern, it seems too 'consistent', if you know what I mean. I must admit- the bag is not made sloppy, and there is nothing coming away, there is no visible glue marks etc. (that normally give away the fakes). Also the chain is very heavy and it looks well made (same for the inner compartments). The lining seems to be normal too. My initial concern regarding the authenticity of this little bag was the fact that the tassels felt too light... I love bags with tassels, but these feel a bit cheap.. I always thought that the big names like Lanvin would use quite thick leather for such features. Please, do help me out with your opinion, as I can not find ANY information regarding this particular Lanvin style. I really like this little bag, but my worst nightmare would be carrying around a fake bag. I have tried to attach the high resolution photos...
This one I think is a replica


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Jan 11, 2021
Purchased this on Poshmark. I’m no expert but the interior fabric seemed a bit thin / cheap, and the hardware rather less than couture quality. And the accompanying card describing the leather has an error (“if” rather than “of”). What do you think — authentic? Or not? Was described as “vintage Lanvin” and came with a dust bag from TheRealReal (incidentally, rough and rather cheap fabric). Thanks in advance!