Authenticate This DOONEY & BOURKE

  1. The lining is like my cabriolet -- theyre all like that. It's very nice and classic. The patches.. never seen but I dont have that model.
  2. ask if you can see the red white and blue dooney tag on the inside of the bag!
  3. good idea, thanks! I just emailed the seller.
  4. Good luck, it is just the cutest thing.

  5. I just bought it!!
  6. I need help, very new to online purchasing.
    There is an east/west tassel tote in SUNNY ORANGE available on eBay. I want this item but can't seem to find out if this is a true all weather leather color. the style number is R188.


  7. congrats! yaay! make sure to post pix when you get it!~
  8. post links n pix!

    and PS AWL has come out in MANY MANY COLORS so i think it's real!

    if it's this one, i say realllll!

    or this also think it's real, and it's modeled on a lady~
  9. I think it's real too. As a matter of fact, I just bought that bag at TJ Maxx a couple of weeks ago in platinum gray. The only thing about this listing, is that bag's retail is $265. The TJ price is $119.99. It's cute though!
  10. ^^That one looks good to me. I have a few Dooney's that have goldtone hardware. In fact, I think I have more with goldtone than with silver tone. I have seen a bunch of that style at my TJMaxx, for around $129, and a larger one for $169.